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WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit subjects that are not appropriate for children...even though kids are learning this stuff in America's public schools!

Stop SeXXX Ed

Did you know state and national teacher unions
use teacher dues behind our backs to push
sexxx ed curriculums that normalize anal and oral
sex for children?

Educate Yourself

Hey Teachers: Did you
know you can have
your cake and
eat it too?

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Pro-Life Teachers, Your Union Dues Fund Abortion
By Rebecca Friedrichs
Fox News

“The miscarriage had just happened, and we were all devastated. I held my precious niece or nephew in the palm of my hand and marveled at the perfect little face, tiny lips, eyes, ears, arms, long legs, ten teeny fingers, ten adorable toes.

This was the 1980s. Americans were being told babies in the womb were only “fetuses” and “lumps of tissue.” Common sense unmasked their propaganda but, to me, nothing defied Planned Parenthood’s lies more loudly than the human evidence in my hands. Life is precious. Babies in the womb, no matter their gestational stage or what abortionists claim, deserve life.”….[Read More]

“Bad Apple” Illustration by Greg Groesch / The Washington Times

Teachers, Your Unions Anti-American Agenda is Tearing our Country Apart
By Rebecca Friedrichs
The Washington Times

The National Education Association (NEA) is aggressively promoting an anti-American, polarizing agenda that is the root of the current racial divisions and rioting. They do this using clever messaging and The New York Times’ much-ballyhooed “1619 Project,” which intentionally perverts American history.

Times writers weave a twisted tale in which the evil of slavery so pervades the American experiment that literally nothing about our history isn’t motivated by some racist need to preserve the intentional subjugation, exploitation, marginalization and persecution of enslaved Africans.

Don’t get me wrong; America’s history is undeniably stained by the dark evil of slavery. But to rewrite American history as if slavery is the defining and motivating factor behind nearly every aspect of our national story is ludicrous….[Read More]

Founder's Message

Thousands of teachers around the country have asked me the exact same question…

“Can I keep my local teachers’ association and get rid of the state and national teachers’ unions?”

Yes, teachers can keep their local and ditch state and national union bullies — if they decertify the entire web of union control and start fresh with their own local associations.

Most teachers appreciate their local associations because locals do the heavy lifting. Yet my $1,000 in annual union dues was divided. The California Teachers Association took $656, and the National Education Association took $187. Our local survived on $157, and when we local leaders asked for accountability from state and national leadership, we got squashed.

State and national unions control teachers in a culture of fear — using intimidation, isolation, and ignorance to keep us captive, so most teachers have no idea how the unions actually spend our dues.

By overpowering the teaching profession, state and national unions have transformed our schools. Their negative impact is felt from outrageous sex education curriculums normalizing anal and oral sex for children, to activist teachers converting children into social justice warriors, to multi-million dollar attacks on school choice.

So teachers, we all hope you will Keep Your Local Association and ditch the bully state and national unions. It’s the best way to protect our kids and regain authority in our schools and culture. Click on “Teacher Freedom” and drop down to “Keep Your Local” to learn more.

Standing With You For Kids and Country,

Rebecca Friedrichs

Excerpted from Rebecca’s article featured in Southern California News Group outlets. Read the entire article in Los Angeles Daily News.

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Teachers’ Union Leaders – In Their Own Words

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Benji Backer is the kind of student teachers dream about, or should; a young man who takes seriously what he learns in the classroom and is just as serious at applying it to his life outside of school. Unfortunately, because he has, he’s learned some hard lessons about how people’s fears can be manipulated and that unions are masters of […]

Ruth Finnegan

Ruth Finnegan was a young teacher grading papers in her classroom in Hershey, Pennsylvania, when five men in black suits burst in and demanded she join the union. Terrified, she gathered herself to ask what the union could offer her. “Protection,” they said. To Ruth it sounded like a line from a gangster film. “Protection from being sued.” Ruth told […]

Aaron Benner

Aaron Benner is an outstanding Minnesota teacher who knows firsthand what happens when students, and teachers, feel unsafe in the classroom. “Safety is critical,” he says. “Learning suddenly is on the back burner, everything goes out the window once the classroom has been compromised. Instead of looking at the teacher, you’re looking over your shoulder. You’re not focused on learning, […]

Jade Thompson

While there are countless examples of people being forced to fund union activities in direct opposition to their own beliefs – i.e. pro-life advocates forced to watch their money support pro-choice causes – what happened to Jade Thompson and her family may top them all in the most grotesque way. In 2010, Jade, a high school Spanish teacher in Marietta, […]

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The Sandstorm: Opposition Is Rising To Teacher Union-Mandated Shutdowns

Title: Opposition Is Rising To Teacher Union-Mandated Shutdowns Author: Larry Sand Date: March 2, 2021 Refusing to accept responsibility for Covid-related lockdowns, the American Federation of Teachers tars Republicans. In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, a Republican, correctly blamed the nation’s teachers unions for the overwrought Covid-related lockdowns that have strangled public education […]

From The Teacher Shepherd: A Scapegoat Named Pandemic

Title: A Scapegoat Named Pandemic Author: Kate Bowers Date: February 26, 2021 Source: Publicly Schooled “A bloodless revolution has occurred right under our noses. Let me explain it this way: Several months ago, a secret group called the Opportunists happened upon a pet scapegoat and named it Pandemic.  They took Pandemic everywhere.  People would squeal and jump out of the way, doing […]

Fox News: Teachers Speak Out About Frustrations With Unions Slow-Walking School Reopenings: ‘Politics Seems To Rule’

Title: Teachers Speak Out About Frustrations With Unions Slow-Walking School Reopenings: ‘Politics Seems To Rule’ Source: Fox News Author: Bryn McCarthy Date: February 25, 2021 URL: “‘This will haunt our country for decades to come,’ nonprofit group says President Biden’s plan to reopen schools within 100 days has faced opposition from teachers unions due to coronavirus safety concerns, leaving […]