Help Liberate America’s Teachers & Kids

Your support helps expose union corruption and empower teachers to reject them in protection of our children.

Union corruption hurts children the most.

2/3 of eighth graders are no longer proficient in any subject thanks to union influence, policies, and curricula.

Functional illiteracy jumped 21% and dyslexia grew rapidly after unions advocated for the removal of phonics in the 1930s.

Unions protect bad teachers. Only 0.0008% have been dismissed for poor performance or misconduct.

100% of teacher dues are spent on politics.

For decades, teachers have been coerced into funding radical agendas that don’t align with their values. In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court freed all government employees from forced unionism. However, the large majority of teachers still believe they are obligated to pay a union. Under the guise of representation, unions have pushed political agendas, extreme sex ed curriculum, and prolonged lockdowns that harmed vulnerable educators and students—all while bullying teachers into membership. We need your help to expose union corruption and help #LiberateTeachers—for the good of our kids and country.

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A national ad campaign will generate awareness around the corruption of unions and their abuse of good teachers and kids.

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For Kids and Country’s website redesign will provide clear steps for #UnionExit and inspire Americans to liberate teachers.


Ultimately, more unions will be exposed as the education mafia and more kids will receive an education free of union influence.

Meet Our Founder

As a former public-school teacher, author, and lead plaintiff in the U.S. Supreme Court Case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, Rebecca Friedrichs is uniquely positioned to serve teachers. She now leads For Kids and Country’s efforts to expose union corruption, liberate teachers from the union’s mafia-like control, and protect those impacted most by union agendas—our children.

“America’s teachers, parents, and kids deserve better.
If we want freedom, we’re going to have to fight for it.”

Photo Credits: Nicola Tolin on Unsplash, Christi Ransom (portrait)